About TM


    Vision, Mission and Core Values



    TM united in hands

    We envision a God-empowered movement of churches: 
    • every pastor growing
    • every church healthy
    • every community transformed 
      for Christ.


    Transformation Ministries exists to build a movement of mission-empowering relationships by:
    • deepening and developing pastors as spiritual leaders
    • coaching and networking churches toward greater health and missional vitality
    • supporting and initiating viable church planting partnerships.

    Core Values

    Biblical Authority
    Because we believe Scripture is God’s infallible word, it is the supreme authority for Christ-followers and the Church.

    Because we believe Scripture teaches that apart from God we can do nothing, we are a people of prayer, obedience, faith and risk.

    Mission of God
    Because we believe salvation is found only in Jesus Christ, we are committed through word and deed to see all lost people come to Christ and grow into His fully devoted followers, and to multiply missional congregations.

    Mission-Empowering Relationships
    Because we believe God is a relational being who created humanity in His image, and because the Scriptures call churches to interdependent relationships to most effectively carry out God’s mission, we value building relationships both between pastors and between congregations.

    Church as a Mosaic
    Because we believe all men and women are made in the image and likeness of God, we embrace and celebrate the multiplicity of generations, ethnic backgrounds, and cultural expressions within the body of Christ modeling reconciliation to the world.

    Generation to Generation
    Because we believe each generation needs new life in Christ, we value the development of a new generation of leaders, and ministries that reach and serve next generations.

    Spiritual Leadership
    Because we believe Scripture places critical importance on the quality of leadership, we seek and equip leaders called by God, sanctified and gifted by the Holy Spirit who serve in various capacities and guide the Church in fulfilling His purpose.