Board of Directors


Purpose of the Board of Directors 

The Board of Directors for Transformation Ministries exists to:

  • Give general oversight and direction to the life and mission of Transformation Ministries, setting policy in the areas of program functions, planning, coordination, evaluation, and adopting goals and objectives;
  • Elect or appoint certain officers of Transformation Ministries, various committees, commissions, task forces, divisions, or other units of the Board of Directors and other bodies;
  • Budget and appropriate funds necessary for the operation, thereof, and adopt such managerial procedures as it may deem proper, including those for the control, management, investment, acquisition, and disposition of the real and personal property of Transformation Ministries;
  • Appoint an independent CPA to audit the financial affairs of the corporation, annually;
    adopt such procedures and processes as it may deem proper relating to the adoption, amendment, and termination of any covenants, to which Transformation Ministries may be or become a party;
  • Prepare a Ministry Report for review at the Annual Meeting of the Delegates during the Transforming Churches Conference, which shall be verified by a majority of the members of the Board or certified by an independent CPA selected by the Board; and
  • Several other duties as described in the Transformation Ministries Bylaws.



Mike Brooks

Brian Burman

Donald Carlson

Kirk Mackie

Rosalba Rios

George Saunders

Peter Torry

Joseph Van Vo


Bylaws of TM, Amended October 20, 2016

2016 Annual Ministry Report

2015 Annual Ministry Report

2013-2014 Annual Ministry Report


Dale Torry
Purpose Church,             Pomona, CA

Linda Long
Vice President                       Friendship Baptist Church,  Yorba Linda, CA    

Brian Scrivens               Secretary                              Christ First Baptist,           Covina, CA                  

Ronald Stevens,

South Shores Church,          Dana Point, CA

Josh Matlock                       Past President                    Bethany Baptist,    Monclair, CA

William Nolte
CEO/Mission Lead
Transformation Ministries